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Take Charge Today’s foundation was built with the primary principle “by educators...for educators” in mind and has continued for a decade. Since Take Charge Today’s inception, the innovative collaboration structure with classroom educators devoted daily to teaching financial education has been central to all operations and new developments. Take Charge Today offers a family finance curriculum that is designed, tested, and edited by educators for educators.” Today, Take Charge Today provides more than 40,000 educators nationwide with free, ready-to-teach materials, curriculum training, newsletters, grants and other activities that expand their knowledge of family economics and enable them to incorporate money management-related lessons into their classrooms.

  • Ready-to-teach lesson plans — All of Take Charge Today’s activity based, ready-to-teach lesson plans have been developed from educators’ insights on best practices. All curriculum materials are tested in multiple classroom environments among our educator teams and continually updated based upon student and educator feedback, revised national public policies, and industry changes.

  • Extensive training programs — Take Charge Today’s interactive and in-depth training model provides educators with the skills and confidence needed to effectively teach financial education. Our National Master Educator team provides peer-to-peer training experiences, creating and delivering lesson plan presentations in one-hour to four-day training programs.

  • Overall programming guidance — Through over 2,000 responses to annual educator surveys and the National Master Educator team, extensive feedback is evaluated to determine lesson plan development priorities, website programming, new training models and much more to ensure Take Charge Today remains relevant and effective for today's educator.

The Take Charge Today Educator team is truly making a difference guiding the Take Charge Today program into exponential growth impacting over 750,000 students per year. Check out the National Master Educator team below. You can also contribute to the “by educators...for educators” model by letting us know if you ever have any suggestions or edits for Take Charge Today.

  • National Master Educators — This elite team of educators works closely with the Take Charge Today staff on a weekly basis providing national guidance for all areas of Take Charge Today programming. 

Contact the Take Charge Today staff at today to find out how you can get involved!