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About Take Charge Today

“Take Charge Today” is located in the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom in the Office of Research, Innovation & Impact at The University of Arizona. The program is founded on the idea that a university-based financial education outreach program can strengthen and extend the ability of schools and community organizations to improve the personal financial capabilities of young adults.

Take Charge Today provides more than 40,000 educators nationwide with free, ready-to-teach classroom materials, teacher training, newsletters, grants, online resources, and other tools that enable them to incorporate lessons related to money management into their 7th through 12th grade classrooms. To provide our users with high quality materials, Take Charge Today focuses on its main principles.

  1. By Educators…For Educators: Over 100 lessons have been designed, tested, and edited by our Educator Teams. All lessons are based on the multiple intelligences model and active learning theories. Lessons are downloadable, free of charge, and are aligned to most state and national standards. Their modular format allows them to be used independently or as part of complete courses. 

    1. A National Master Educator Team of selected educators from across the nation works with Take Charge Today’s staff to develop and evaluate curriculum and conduct peer-led trainings.
  1. Professional Development: Resources are available to educators who would like to learn more about Take Charge Today classroom materials, implementation methods, activities, handouts, assessment tools and content. These resources provide educators flexibility and confidence to incorporate money management studies into their classrooms.

    1. Local, regional, and national trainings provide educators with networking opportunities and are led by current classroom educators who model Take Charge Today lesson plan activities.

    2. Our TC Today newsletter keeps educators informed on current topics in personal finance and ideas for integration into the classroom. 

    3. Webinars, content videos and lesson plan demonstrations are available from renowned experts and leading scholars discussing cutting-edge trends on a variety of topics. 

  2. Support Staff: Take Charge Today has a full-time staff of professionals who are available to answer questions, and provide support to participating school districts, teachers and community outreach partners.

To date, Take Charge Today educational programs and downloadable classroom lessons have been incorporated into school districts in all 50 states, and more than 500,000 students annually -- and their families -- are the beneficiaries. And, its work with a broad network of nonprofit organizations and symbiotic grassroots efforts has enabled Take Charge Today to extend its impact to communities that want to provide residents with knowledge that will help them keep their families on secure financial footings through both normal and turbulent economic times.